Change and Talent management consulting

Business models are continually changing, yet research and interviews  highlight that between 66 and 75% of companies fail to achieve their change objectives. We work with you to develop a change management approach that increases your chance of  success. Typically we advise clients on four key drivers of change; strategy, technology, process and organization.
In addition attracting, engaging and retaining talent is increasingly top of the CEO’s agenda.  It is estimated that losing an employees costs between 150-250% of their annual salary. In a 1,000 employee business with a turnover rate of 10%, that can equate to over US$7.5million per annum.
We leverage our multiple industry experience and insights on organisational and local cultures, gained over 20 years, to help you be the business that succeeds with your talent and change management challenges.
We are a small consulting firm with a depth of capability in organization transformation, talent management and project management. Our clients are multinationals who consistently think we enable their business success….
“Amanda brings to bear true depth and breadth of experience across the spectrum of organizational effectiveness. This insight gives her exceptional ability to distil complex challenges into accessible, manageable components, around which she is a highly effective partner in developing practical and appropriately tailored solutions.”          Cathay Pacific Airways


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