Change consulting

We have led nine major organizations through successful change programs, touching 5,000 to 40,000 employees over 1 to 3 year time periods, within Asia Pacific and Globally. We understand that you have multiple needs and deliver tailored quality change management services to make your organization more effective.
That might mean coaching or guiding internal project staff to extend their skills in managing change, planning and identifying the actions required to deliver a successful project and then handing over implementation to you.  Or we can lead the entire process for you, including designing new operating models/structures, running workshops, focus groups and  communication programs. Every situation and client is different, and we will explore the best approach with you.
Four typical drivers of change that we work with are
  • Strategy- new or different markets, products or services are introduced and people need new skills and an understanding of why and what they need to do differently
  • Organization - the acquisition of new companies, building new distribution chanels, supporting growth or cost containment
  • Process- introduced to reduce costs or increase quality
  • Technology- the introduction of new hardware or software requires people to work in new ways